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  • Established: 1633
  • Japanese: 圓徳院 (Entoku-in)

Entoku-in is a Buddhist temple in Kyoto founded on the former grounds of a residence of Kitamandokoro Nene. Nene and her husband Toyotomi Hideyoshi are buried at the nearby Kôdai-ji, founded by her in his memory on the occasion of his death.

Nene lived on the grounds for some nineteen years prior to her death, entertaining many elite guests in a lavish mansion which included dressing rooms and gardens moved there from Fushimi castle in 1605. In 1633, nine years after her death in 1624, her nephew Kinoshita Toshifusa (lord of Ashimori han) had the site transformed into the Kinoshita family temple, under the name Entoku-in.

The temple's hôjô still dates to the original construction, and contains 33 fusuma paintings by Hasegawa Tôhaku which have been designated Important Cultural Properties.


  • Plaques on-site.