Kodai-in (d. 1624)

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Kôdai-in was the daughter of Sugihara Sadatoshi and married Hideyoshi around 1561. She proved a trusted confidante to her husband and many letters written to her by Hideyoshi survive. She was given the title Kita no mandokoro after Hideyoshi assumed the post of Kampaku in 1585. Her husband died in 1598 and she afterwards became a nun, retiring in 1601 to the Kôdaiji in Kyoto (where the tombs of Hideyoshi, his mother, and, later, Toyotomi Hideyori came to rest). Despite their over 30-year relationship, she produced no children with Hideyoshi. She built Kôdai-ji in Kyoto 1605, and Kôdai-in and Hideyoshi were buried in the temple.


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