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Plaques and stelae at the former site of Dairyû-ji
  • Established: 1611
  • Disestablished: 1869
  • Japanese: 瑞雲山大龍寺 (Zuiunzan Dairyuuji)

Zuiunzan Dairyû-ji was a Rinzai Zen Buddhist temple in Kagoshima. A branch temple of Tôfuku-ji in Kyoto, it was one of the Three Temples of Kagoshima (mi-ke-dera, 三ヶ寺), along with Fukushô-ji and Jôkômyô-ji.[1]

It was founded on the former site of a castle built by Shimazu Takahisa following his victory over Shimazu Sanehisa for dominance of the Shimazu clan. A lively center of political and cultural activity for around fifty years, the castle fell into disuse after Shimazu Iehisa built Tsurumaru castle. The site was then converted to a temple, which was named Zuiunzan Dairyû-ji, using the characters dai and ryû from the art-names of Takahisa and his son Shimazu Yoshihisa. Nanpo Bunshi was invited to be the first abbot of the temple.

The temple was abolished sometime in the mid-17th century, but was re-established in 1679. It held the memorial plaques (ihai) of a number of Ryukyuan envoys to Edo, including those of Chatan Chôshû and Nago Chôgen, who died in Kagoshima during their missions.[2]

Following the destruction of the temple, the site is today Dairyû Elementary School.


  • Plaques on-site.
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