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Chôtoku 3 (長徳三年)

Timeline of 997

  • 997/3/25 A general amnesty is declared by the Court, due to the illness of Higashi-Sanjô-no-in (Fujiwara no Senshi, widow of Emperor En'yû).
  • 997/4/5 Fujiwara no Korechika and Fujiwara no Takaie, included in the amnesty, are permitted to return to the capital.
  • 997/4/21 Fujiwara no Takaie returns to the capital.
  • 997/11/2 Dazaifu reports on a victory against the "southern barbarians."
  • 997/12 Fujiwara no Korechika returns to the capital.

Other Events of 997

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