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Hôei 4 (宝永四年)

Timeline of 1707

  • 1703/3 Bakufu limits Shirauo fishing in Sumida river.
  • 1707/7/16 Reconstruction of Zenko-ji completed.(Shinano)
  • 1707/8/11 Bakufu bans sales of birds, eels and loaches.
  • 1707/10/4 The Hôei Earthquake.
  • 1707/11/23 Mount Fuji erupts; it continues to erupt until 1708/1/3, and has not done so since.

Other Events of 1707

  • Kabuki actor Arashi Kiyosaburô causes a "sensation" in Edo with a performance as Yaoya Oshichi, who accidentally set the Oshichi Fire of 1682 which destroyed Edo castle and much of the city.
  • The Great Buddha Hall at Tôdai-ji is destroyed by fire and rebuilt. The current structure, roughly 70% the size of the original, dates to this reconstruction.

Births and Deaths

  • 1707/7/11 Tokugawa Ienobu and Okomu no kata have their first child, who they name Iechiyo.
  • 1707/9 The baby Iechiyo, son of Tokugawa Ienobu, dies.
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