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Kanbun 7 (寛文七年)

Timeline of 1667

  • 1667/3/23 Shô Shôken announces a series of reforms to the system of official government positions in the Ryûkyû court, including a renewed mandate for members of the scholar-aristocracy to seek proficiency or mastery in a wide range of scholarly and artistic skills if they wish to obtain an official position in the court. Mastery of such skills is particularly necessary for anyone seeking to be appointed to missions to China or Japan.
  • 1667/3-4 Satsuma han instructs the Ryûkyû Kingdom to punish twenty people involved in the Chatan-Eso Affair, including seven children of Chatan and Eso.

Other Events of 1667

  • Second Anglo-Dutch War, begun in 1665, ends.
  • King Shô Shitsu issues an edict dividing the year into periods in which the wearing of nachimun, or "summer clothes," was mandatory, and that in which fuyumun, or "winter clothes," were mandatory.
  • The king's sister succeeds to the position of kikoe-ôgimi in Ryûkyû, but is demoted to a rank below that of the queen and sessei. The Office of Divination is abolished, and the noro as a whole are considerably reduced in power and influence, in response to pressure from Confucian factions at court.
  • The shogunate undertakes an inspection tour of certain areas of the country.

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