Kimura Kenkado

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Kimura Kenkadô was a prominent honzôgaku (natural sciences) scholar and cultural figure of the mid-18th century.

A saké brewer from Osaka, Kenkadô was deeply involved in scholarly and cultural circles in his city, and beyond. Ike no Taiga, Ike Gyokuran, Matsuura Seizan, Masuyama Sessai, and Tani Bunchô were but a few of those with whom he had significant interactions or lengthy relationships.

In 1764, he interacted with members of a Korean embassy to Edo,[1] and recorded some of the details of the meeting in his diary, Kimura Kenkadô nikki.

Among the many works to which he contributed was the Morokoshi meisho zue, a set of six woodblock-printed volumes describing famous places in China.[2]


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