Yoshida Toyo

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  • Born: 1816
  • Died: 1862
  • Other Name: Yoshida Genkichi
  • Japanese: 吉田 東洋 (Yoshida Touyou)

Yoshida Tôyô was a Tosa han retainer, and for a time lord of Tosa Yamauchi Yôdô’s most trusted and reformed-minded minister. Assigned in 1853 to help oversee reforms in domain governance at the domain's Edo mansion, he had a notable influence on other upcoming Tosa leaders such as Gôtô Shôjirô and Itagaki Taisuke. On or around 1854/6/11, however, he was recalled from Edo, had his stipend reduced, and was sentenced to house confinement for a time.[1]

By remaining loyal to the Bakufu, Yoshida drew the wrath of Takechi Zuizan and his Tosa Loyalist Party, and as a result, was assassinated on 1862/4/8 while on his way home from Kôchi castle.[2]


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