Yamashiro province

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Japanese:山城国(Yamashiro no kuni) or 山州(Sanshu)城州(Joshu).

Location of Yamashiro

Present-day southern Kyoto prefecture.

Originally written as 「山背」(lit. "back side of the mountain"), the name of the province was changed to 「山城」(lit. "mountain fortress" or "mountain city") in conjunction with the city of Heian (Kyoto) being formally named the imperial capital on 794/10/28.[1]

Han in Yamashiro

  • Yodo han 淀藩
  • Yamashiro Nagaoka han 山城長岡藩
  • Fushimi han 伏見藩
  • Mimaki han 御牧藩


  • Otoni district 乙訓郡
  • Kadono district 葛野郡
  • Aiko district 愛宕郡
  • Kii district 紀伊郡
  • Uji district 宇治郡
  • Kuze district 久世郡
  • Tsuzuki district 綴喜郡
  • Sôra district 相楽郡


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