Yakushi Enichi

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  • Born: ??
  • Died: Asuka Period?
  • Titles: Dainin (大仁, 630), Lower Daisen (大山下, 654)
  • Japanese: 薬師恵日 (Yakushi no Enichi)

Yakushi no Enichi (also Kukushi no Yenichi) was the deputy of Inukami Mitasuki on his mission to Sui China which, according to the Nihon Shoki, departed on the 5th day of the 8th month the 2nd year of Jomei (630). He was again chosen as a vice-ambassador to China for the mission of 654, which is recorded as having left in the second month of that year.

Other names

In English sources, Enichi's name has been romanized as 'Yakushi no Enichi' (Wang 2005), as well as 'Kukushi no Yenichi' and 'Kusushi no Ejitsu' (Aston 1896).


Nihon Shoki

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