Weiming Yuanhao

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  • Reign: 1032-1048
  • Other Names: Emperor Shizu of Xia

Weiming Yuanhao was the third emperor of the Tangkut State of Xi Xia, known for retroactively declaring the Tangkut state to be called "Xia" in 1038. He thus included his grandfather Jiqian and father Deming as rulers of the Xia.

In a letter to Emperor Renzong of the Northern Song Dynasty of China, he fashioned himself as a ruler in the Chinese fashion, speaking of his following Heaven, subduing barbarian tribes and uniting their territory, drawing upon Han Dynasty court costume and other court protocols, creating a writing system for the Tangkut language, setting right the musical tones, and taking on an Imperial name ("Shizu") and era name.

This action prompted war with China, a war which ended with a treaty agreement in 1044.


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