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I am an amateur history buff. My degree is in mathematics; my profession is computer programmer (COBOL and related languages). I've been interested in Japanese history ever since I took up the study of kendo many, many years ago. My health forced me to stop my study of kendo, but I'm still interested in Japanese history.

I'm especially interested in the Edo period. Partly because I love chambara/jidai-geki films. Most of them take place in the Edo period. One of my greatest interests has been studying the incident involving the 47 Ako ronin. I've done some research and entered some of my conclusions here.

I'm also a writer of historical fiction set in Edo-period Japan. Two short stories about Fuwa Kazuemon, one of the 47 ronin. So I wrote a little piece here with historical facts and speculations about Fuwa Kazuemon along with some discussion of the Ako ronin event. As for further writing, I'm working on a novel involving purely fictional characters set in late 18th century Japan.

As far as amateur history, I've started research on an article about ronin, which I hope to submit to the new Samurai Archives Journal. Also wrote the little piece here on the subject of ronin.

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