Tsuko Ichiran

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  • Compiled: 1853
  • Japanese: 通航一覧 (Tsuukou ichiran)

Tsûkô ichiran is a compilation of documents related to the foreign relations of the Tokugawa shogunate. Compiled in 1853 by Hayashi Fukusai, Miyazaki Seishin, and twelve others associated with the Shôheizaka gakumonjo, it spans the period from 1566 to 1825. Descriptions of Japan's relations are organized chronologically within sections divided by country, across 350 volumes.

The text was reprinted in moveable type and published in eight volumes, from 1912-1913.

A 23 volume appendix on coastal defenses, Tsûkô ichiran zokushû, was published as well. It covers events from 1829/8 to 1851/5, in a total of 152 volumes. This too was edited by Miyazaki Seishin, along with Hayashi Ôkei (the son of Hayashi Fukusai) and sixteen others, from 1853 or 1854 until 1856. Manuscript copies exist today in the collection of the Cabinet Office (Naikaku), and in the Shiryôhensanjo of the University of Tokyo, where it is included in a collection of documents and objects obtained from the (former) Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Both of these volumes are essentially simply compilations of diplomatic documents and other historical documents, without analytical or subjective commentary.