Toyotomi Tsurumatsu

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  • Died: 1591
  • Japanese: 豊臣 鶴松 (Toyotomi Tsurumatsu)

Toyotomi Tsurumatsu was a son of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Yodo-gimi (Chacha), who was supposed to be Hideyoshi's heir but died when still quite young, at the age of three.

When Yodo-gimi was pregnant with Tsurumatsu, Hideyoshi built a castle in celebration, or in anticipation of the expansion of the family, at Yodo. He tore down this castle, however, after Tsurumatsu's death three years later.[1] As Hideyoshi's half-brother Hashiba Hidenaga (who had briefly served as Tsurumatsu's guardian) died later that same year, his nephew Toyotomi Hidetsugu then became Hideyoshi's heir. Hidetsugu himself passed away in 1595, thus leaving Hideyoshi's younger son, Toyotomi Hideyori, the one who would finally actually go on to become head of the Toyotomi clan after Hideyoshi's death.


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