Toda Ujiyoshi (Uraga bugyo)

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Not to be confused with Toda Ujiyoshi (daimyo), lord of Ôgaki Shinden han.
  • Born: 1799
  • Died: 1858/8/21
  • Titles: Izu no kami
  • Japanese: 戸田 氏栄 (Toda Ujiyoshi)

Toda Ujiyoshi was a Tokugawa shogunate official perhaps best known for his efforts as Uraga bugyô during the visits of Commodore Matthew Perry to Japan in 1853-1854.

Appointed to the position of Uraga bugyô, Toda remained in the position until 1854, when he was replaced with Toki Tomomasa.[1] As Uraga bugyô, he interacted with Commodore Perry, and oversaw the construction of the Sôshun-maru and other ships for the shogunate, among other tasks.[2]

He later served as Osaka machi bugyô from 1857 until his death the following year.[3]


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