Tawada Shinjun

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  • Born: 1907/1/7
  • Died: 1990/12/21
  • Japanese: 多和田 真淳 (Tawada Shinjun)

Tawada Shinjun was an Okinawan scholar of botany and archaeology.

Born in Shuri Sakiyama-chô, he graduated from Okinawa Daiichi (First) Middle School and then from Okinawa Normal School (shihan gakkô). He worked for a time as a teacher at Shuri High School and elsewhere before becoming head of the (postwar Occupation era) Government of the Ryukyus' forestry experimentation center, as well as a member of the cultural protections committee.

Tawada researched Okinawan herbal medicines, among other topics, and became known as a pioneer in the field of Okinawan archaeology.