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SA Wiki Team,

I've posted a draft of two articles that cover both major Bakumatsu incidents that occurred at the Teradaya. I need your help with the following: 1) Verification of the actual date that Satsuma samurai battled each other at the Teradaya. Two different sources have two different dates—I am not sure which one is the correct date in the Western calendar. 2) I posted 2 pictures onto the Wiki last night—one is a shot of the outside of the Teradaya and the other is of a bullet hole from one of Sakamoto Ryoma’s errant shots during the attempt to arrest or kill him in 1866. I can’t seem to find these photos! Anyway, if anyone has an idea where to find them and how to best incorporate them into the text I wrote, go for it. 3) Wiki formatting help- please take a look and see what I’ve done. I am sure that some formatted text needs to be corrected. I am still getting used to working in Wikispeak.

Also, some of you may raise an eyebrow that I listed Shiba Ryotaro’s “Drunk as a Lord” as a source, since he is considered a writer of historical fiction. The reason why I did use Shiba as a source is simply because he does his homework very thoroughly. I think it is safe to say we can count on him to be accurate in reporting dates, the number of men, troops, type of equipment used, etc.

--Obenjo Kusanosuke 03:05, 18 February 2007 (PST)

1)1862/4/23(Lunar)5/29(Western), assaulting Sakamoto was 1866/1/23(Lunar)3/8(Western)

By the way, Shiba Ryotaro usually add fictions in his novels so I don't think we can use his books as sources.--Shikisoku 23:21, 19 February 2007 (PST)