Taimatsuden Inari Shrine

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Taimatsuden Inari Shrine
  • Established: 948
  • Other Names: 田中社 (Tanaka yashiro)
  • Japanese: 松明殿稲荷神社 (Taimatsuden inari jinja)

Taimatsuden Inari Shrine is a branch shrine of Fushimi Inari Shrine, located near Shichijô Bridge in Kyoto.

Established in 948, it was renamed Taimatsu by an imperial order in 956. Edo period sources suggest that the name derives from the shrine providing torches (taimatsu) to accompany the mikoshi (portable shrines) of Fushimi Inari in procession, during festivals.

Originally located near the corner of Kuromon-dôri and Shio-no-kôji, the shrine was later moved to Shichijô Higashitôin, and then to its current site near Shichijô Ôhashi in 1711. The shrine holds wooden sculptures of Emperor Tenchi and Prince Ôtomo (Emperor Kôbun).


  • Plaques on-site at Taimatsuden Inari Shrine, Kyoto.[1]