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  • Japanese: 末広がり (sue hirogari)

Suehirogari is a kyôgen play featuring the foolish character Tarô Kaja, who frequently appears in such pieces.

Plot Synopsis

Tarô Kaja's lord calls upon him to travel to the capital to purchase an elegant folding fan (suehiro) for him to present to an elite guest. Tarô Kaja dutifully takes on the task, but upon reaching the capital realizes he does not know what a suehiro is. He is then taken in by a duplicitous merchant who convinces him that the word suehiro refers to an umbrella; Tarô Kaja's lord had specified that he wanted a suehiro made from good paper from Shinano province, polished ribs [that is, the ribs of the fan], and so forth - all specifications which Tarô Kaja mistakes as potentially referring to the construction of an umbrella.

Before Tarô Kaja leaves with the umbrella, however, the merchant teaches him a song and dance about the umbrella which he says will help allay the master's anger or bad spirits if he should ever be in a bad mood.

When Tarô Kaja returns and presents his lord with an umbrella rather than a fan, the lord turns angry, but ultimately is amused by the song and dance and forgives Tarô Kaja. The play ends on a happy and celebratory note.


  • Playbill, Suigian restaurant.