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* ''Death: [[1590]]''

Hisatane was a local power on [[Amakusa Island]]. He embraced Christianity and in contemporary Western accounts, he is ranked somewhat generously as a daimyô. In [[1589]], along with four others (including fellow Christians [[Oyano Shigemoto]] and [[Sumoto Shigemichi]]), Hisatane rebelled against his overlord, [[Konishi Yukinaga]]. Yukinaga dispatched [[Ijichi Bundayu]] with 3,000 men to Amakusa but Bundayu was killed and his army defeated. The following year, Yukinaga, along with [[Kato Kiyomasa]], [[Arima Harunobu]] and others, attacked Amakusa and destroyed the rebellion with much slaughter of lives. Hisatane and his fellow rebels were dubbed the 'Amakusa Goninshuu'.

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