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* ''Birth: [[1542]]''
* ''Death: [[1585]]''
* ''Christian name: Dom Paolo''
* ''Son: [[Ichijo Uchimasa|Ichijô Uchimasa]]
* ''Distinction: [[Tosa province|Tosa]] warlord''

Kanesada was a son of [[Ichijo Fusamoto|Ichijô Fusamoto]] ([[1520]]-[[1549]]). He was an unpopular lord and lost the support of a number of his important retainers. He was attacked by his erstwhile vassal [[Chosokabe Motochika]] in [[1574]] and in [[1575]] was forced to flee to [[Bungo province]], where he took up shelter with [[Otomo Sorin|Ôtomo Sorin]], whose daughter was Kanesada's mother. Kanesada became a [[Christian]] and attempted to reclaim his lands with the assistance of the [[Otomo clan|Ôtomo]]. He failed and was exiled to an island off the coast of [[Iyo province]] (Kojima). Motochika allowed him to stay there after the Chosokabe took Iyo, but is thought to have had a hand in his death in 1585. Many stories of cruelty on Kanesada's part circulated in his day, which some scholars attribute in part to Chosokabe propaganda.


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