Shoku Nihongi

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  • Japanese: 続日本紀

The Shoku Nihongi is a continuation of the earlier Nihongi (日本紀), aka Nihon Shoki. It covers the period from 697 to 771, and is one of the primary sources for information on the Nara Period, when Japan was in close contact with mainland China and importing culture and learning through numerous embassies.

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  • The Historical Text Initiative (JHTI) provides a side-by-side translation with the original text from the third volume of the _Rikkokushi_, edited by Ariyoshi Saeki, and the English translation from J. B. Snellen's "Chronciles of Japan, continued, from 697-791 A.D.," published in _The Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan_, volumes 11 and 14.