Sho Shitsu

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  • Born: 1629/8/15
  • Died: 1668/11/17
  • Japanese: (Shou Shitsu)

Shô Shitsu was the ninth king of the Second Shô Dynasty of the Kingdom of Ryûkyû, ruling from 1648 to 1668. His reign has been described as setting the foundations of the early modern order.

The fourth son of King Shô Hô, he succeeded his elder brother Shô Ken to become king in 1648. He was the first Ryukyuan king to be formally recognized by the Qing Dynasty, after his son Crown Prince Shô Tei traveled to China in 1654 and turned over the kingdom's Ming Dynasty royal seal, receiving a new seal from the Qing. He later became the first king to receive a formal Chinese investiture mission from the Qing, in 1663. The adoption of Qing music into Ryukyuan court music is traced to this occasion.[1]

Shô Shitsu appointed Shô Shôken as sessei. His queen was named Hakusô.

Upon his death, Shô Shitsu was succeeded by his eldest son, who took the throne as Shô Tei. His other children included Shô Kôki, Shô Kônin, Shô Kôsai, Shô Kôtoku, Shô Kôshin, and Shô Kôzen.

Preceded by:
Shô Ken
Reign as King of Ryûkyû
Succeeded by:
Shô Tei


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