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Shô Chû was the third king of the Kingdom of Ryûkyû.

He was the second son (or, according to some accounts, a younger brother) of Shô Hashi. In 1422, he was named Warden of the North, and given Nakijin gusuku.

He succeeded Hashi as king in 1440, and appointed one of his younger brothers to take over as Warden of the North. Envoys were also sent to relay the news to Peking and Kyoto, after which Shô Chû received investiture from China[1]. His reign only lasted about five years, however, before his death in 1444. He was succeeded by his son, Shô Shitatsu.

A site in Yomitan village is said to be the tomb of Shô Hashi, Shô Chû, and Shô Shitatsu.[2]

Preceded by:
Shô Hashi
Reign as King of Ryûkyû
Succeeded by:
Shô Shitatsu


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