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  • Born: 1181
  • Died: 1252
  • Japanese: 宣陽門院 (Sen'yômon-in)

Sen'yômon-in was a daughter of Emperor Go-Shirakawa and Takashina no Eishi.

Following her father's death in 1192, the 11-year-old Sen'yômon-in inherited the Rokujô Palace as her residence. The Azuma Kagami indicates, however, that she had no guards; she therefore reached out to Shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo, who agreed to provide protection in exchange for some payment of taxes or tribute, and for aid in arranging marriages between Yoritomo's daughters and members of the Kyoto court aristocracy. She also inherited a vast number of estates across the realm, and gathered mon-heishi (guards) from these estates to come to Kyoto in rotation to serve as guards for the palace.

In 1200, Sen'yômon-in adopted Prince Masanari, a son of Emperor Go-Toba, who then contributed guards to her palace as well. He was exiled following the Jôkyû War in 1221.

Sen'yômon-in's mother, Takashina no Eishi, died in 1216. In 1225, Sen'yômon-in then adopted Fujiwara no Chôshi (who later married Emperor Go-Horikawa), and also became the "designated mother" (junbo) to Emperor Shijô.