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  • Formed: 1911/6/1
  • Disbanded: 1916
  • Japanese: 青踏社 (Seitousha)

The Seitôsha was a feminist collective founded in 1911 by Hiratsuka Raichô, Kiuchi Teiko, Mozume Kazuko, Yasumochi Yoshiko, and Nakano Shoko. Though originally dedicated to women's poetry, under Itô Noe the group shifted to a more explicit and active involvement in the women's liberation movement.

The group was based in an office at Mozume's home in Komagome, and had a large wooden plaque hung outside the rear entrance to the home, with "Seitôsha" written on it in calligraphy.

The group published a monthly gazette entitled "Seitô," with the first issue being released in September 1911. The back cover was illustrated by Naganuma Chie (who was, incidentally, married to Takamura Kôtarô).

The group was quite prominent and significant for a brief period, but disbanded and ceased publishing in February 1916, less than five years after its founding.


  • Plaque at former home of Mozume Kazuko, Komagome Hayashi-chô 9 (today, Tokyo, Bunkyô-ku, Sendagi 5-3-11).[1]