Satomi Yoshitaka

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Yoshitaka was the eldest son of Satomi Sanetaka. He had been away when his father was suddenly attacked and forced to commit suicide by Yoshitoyo, and immediately set about planning revenge. He gathered loyal retainers and sent a message to the Hôjô of Sagami province asking for their assistance. In 1534 Yoshitaka's forces descended on Inamura castle and compelled Yoshitoyo to kill himself. Not long afterwards, relations between Yoshitaka and the Hôjô soured. He allied in turn with Ashikaga Yoshiaki (of the koga-kubo Ashikaga line) but the two were defeated at Konodai castle in 1538 by Hôjô Ujitsuna. Yoshitaka recovered from his damaging defeat at Konodai and was able to turn back an attempt by Hôjô Ujitsuna to penetrate Awa in 1540. He took advantage of a civil war within the neighboring Takeda clan to strengthen his positon on the Boso Peninsula and in January 1553 took Shiizu castle and forced Takeda Nobumasa to commit suicide. In 1560 his domain was attacked by the Hôjô and he called for the support of Uesugi Kenshin, who responded by leading an attack into the Kanto. He died on the 6th day of the 1st month of 1574.