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Welcome to the Bujutsu Task Force. The purpose of this page is to coordinate and work on the Bujutsu articles.

Useful pages for Task Force members

About the task force page

Use this page to keep track of what needs to be done, etc.

To mark applicable Bujutsu articles as part of this project, please see the Bujutsu Task Force Tag, or simply put {{BTF tag}} in the Talk page (not the article itself) for applicable Bujutsu articles. That will put the article into the Bujutsu Task Force articles category.

Use the Talk Page to communicate directly with other task force members with specific questions.

To join this task force, please put your User ID below, and add {{BTF member}} to your User page.


To Do list

(list what still needs to be worked on, added, or completed)

Feel free to make additions to each list as needed


Second Priority

If Possible

This is for articles that may not have enough info to create

Needs sources



(List any online/book resources useful for this project)


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