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  • Japanese: 利勇 (Riyuu)

Riyû was a retainer or official under the semi-legendary Tenson Dynasty of Okinawa, who according to the Kyûyô, Chûzan seikan, and Chûzan seifu overthrew the 25th Tenson king and usurped the throne sometime around 1174-1187, thus ending the dynasty. Riyû was then toppled himself by the anji of Urasoe, who took the throne as Shunten, the first generally historically recognized "king" of Okinawa.[1]

Preceded by:
Tenson Dynasty
"King" of Okinawa
Succeeded by:


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  1. Though all chief leaders of Okinawa beginning with Shunten are commonly referred to by the title of "King", historian George Kerr points out that "it is misleading to attribute full-fledged 'kingship' to an Okinawan chief in these early centuries... distinctly individual leadership exercised through force of personality or preeminent skill in arms or political shrewdness was only slowly replaced by formal institutions of government - laws and ceremonies - supported and strengthened by a developing respect for the royal office" (Kerr, George. Okinawa: The History of an Island People. Revised Edition. Tokyo: Tuttle Publishing, 2000, 52).