Prince Otsu

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  • Died: 686/10/3
  • Japanese: 大津皇子 (Ootsu no miko)

Ôtsu-no-miko was an Imperial Prince, the son of Emperor Temmu. In 686, a few weeks after his father's death, he was arrested along with thirty of his compatriots on accusations of plotting rebellion, and was executed on the shores of the Iware Pond, a site associated with Emperor Yômei. Just before his death, he is said to have tearfully composed a poem reading "This is my last chance to see the ducks singing in the Iware Pond as I am destined to die today."[1]


  1. Translation by Mainichi Shimbun; original text provided as 「ももづたふ 磐余の池に鳴く鴨(かも)を 今日のみ見てや 雲隠りなむ」。