Oyama Seiho

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Marker at Ôyama Seiho's birthplace in Nakagusuku
  • Born: 1912/11/2
  • Died: 1996
  • Japanese: 大山 盛保 (Ooyama Seiho)

Ôyama Seiho is known for his discovery of Minatogawa man, one of the oldest finds of prehistoric human remains in Japan.

Ôyama was born on 1912/11/2, in Nakagusuku Village, on Okinawa Island. He moved to Canada in 1927, but returned to Okinawa after World War II, settling in Naha and pursuing a career as a businessman. He later became a notable philanthropist.


  • Plaques at Ôyama's birthplace in Nakagusuku.[1]