Okazaki Shrine

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The main torii at Okazaki Shrine
  • Founded: 794
  • Other Names: 東天王 (Higashi tennou)
  • Japanese: 岡崎 神社 (Okazaki jinja)

Okazaki Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in eastern central Kyoto.

The shrine was founded in 794 during the construction of Heian-kyô, as one of four shrines representing the compass directions. Okazaki represented the east, and was at that time alternatively known as Higashi-tennô (Emperor of the East).

The shrine is dedicated to Susano-o, Kushinada-hime, and their three daughters and five sons, and is associated with easy childbirth, and with dispelling evil associated with the compass points. Ritual offerings were therefore offered there in 1178, along with prayers for the easy childbirth of the empress. Due to this association with childbirth, the shrine is also associated with rabbit spirits.


  • Plaques on-site.