Ogasawara Tadazane

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  • Other Names: 小笠原忠政 (Ogasawara Tadamasa)
  • Japanese: 小笠原 忠真 (Ogasawara Tadazane)

Ogasawara Tadazane was the first Edo period lord of Akashi han in Harima province. He oversaw the construction of Akashi castle in 1617, but was transferred to Kokura han in Kyushu in 1632, as part of efforts by the shogunate to place more fudai daimyô in that region, as a bulwark against disloyalty or uprisings by Kyushu's tozama daimyô.

Tadazane was later appointed Nagasaki tandai shoku. He was one of the last two to hold this position, which was abolished following the death of the other concurrent holder of the position, Ôkubo Tadamoto, in 1670.


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