Oda Nobuhiro

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  • Died: 1574
  • Titles: Ôsumi no kami
  • Distinction: Oda retainer

Nobuhiro was the eldest son of Oda Nobuhide and was given Anjô castle in Mikawa after his father took it in 1540. In 1549 he found himself surrounded by the Imagawa at Anjô. He was saved by a deal arranged by his brother Nobunaga that saw the infant Tokugawa Ieyasu (then a hostage of the Oda) handed over to Imagawa in exchange for a lifting of the siege of Anjô. Nonetheless, the situation was a blot on Nobuhiro's reputation. Over the next two years or so his position in the Oda, already weak due to his being considered an illegitimate son of Nobuhide, was undermined by Nobunaga and a clique of retainers who had gathered around him. As a result, Nobuhiro was forced to accept that Nobunaga would be the head of the family. Later, in 1557, he plotted against Nobunaga with Saitô Yoshitatsu of Mino province but his intentions were uncovered before any real damage was done. Nobunaga forgave Nobuhiro and the latter went on to serve his younger brother until 1574, when he was killed 13 October fighting the Nagashima monto.