Naito Masatsuna

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  • Died: 1860/2/25
  • Titles: Bungo no kami
  • Japanese: 内藤 正縄 (Naitou Masatsuna)

Naitô Masatsuna was a Bakumatsu period lord of Iwamurada han who also served as Fushimi bugyô. In 1858, he was elevated to castle-holder (jôshu) rank and was assigned the additional duty of Kyoto gosho torishimari (overseeing the supervision of the Kyoto Imperial Palace). He was dismissed from the position of Fushimi bugyô in 1859.

Following his death on 1860/2/25, he was succeeded as lord of Iwamurada by his grandson Naitô Masanobu (son of Naitô Masayoshi).


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