Mori Suemitsu

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The graves of Shimazu Tadahisa and Môri Suemitsu in Kamakura.

Môri Suemitsu was the progenitor (founder) of the Môri clan.

He was the fourth son of Ôe no Hiromoto, and took the name Môri from his estate by that name in Sagami province. Suemitsu took part in the Jôkyû War in 1221, and in 1233 became an official surveyor for the Kamakura shogunate.

He married a daughter of Miura Yasumura, and fought alongside the Miura against the Hôjô clan. Defeated by Hôjô Tokiyori, Suemitsu committed suicide on 1247/6/5 at Minamoto no Yoritomo's Shirahata shrine (Hokkedô) along with his Miura allies. His grave yagura can be found in Kamakura, a few hundred yards from the grave of Minamoto no Yoritomo, and alongside those of his father, and of Shimazu Tadahisa, founder of the Shimazu clan.[1] The Miura clan yagura is located nearby.


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