Miyoshi Yoshitsugu

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Yoshitsugu was a son of Miyoshi (Sogo) Kazunari and the adopted son of Miyoshi Nagayoshi (Chokei). Adopted following the death of Miyoshi Yoshioki, he became the head of the Miyoshi in 1564. He was initally allied to Matsunaga Hisahide and together they ordered the death of shôgun Ashikaga Yoshiteru in 1565, cooperating to nominate the young Ashikaga Yoshihide. Soon afterwards the Miyoshi and Matsunaga began to argue, and then went to war. Yoshitsugu was powerful in Settsu province but steadily lost ground to Oda Nobunaga, who entered Kyoto in 1568. He fought against the Oda for the next five years, entering into a loose alliance with other enemies of the latter. Yoshitsugu was finally surrounded at Wakae castle in 1573 and committed suicide.

Yoshitsugu established the Jukô-in in Kyoto in 1566, a temple that would later come to house the grave of Sen no Rikyu.