Minamoto Ichiman

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  • Born: 1198
  • Died: 1203
  • Japanese: 一幡 (Minamoto Ichiman)

Minamoto Ichiman was the eldest son of Shogun Minamoto no Yoriie. His mother was Wakasa no tsubone, the daughter of Hiki Yoshikazu. Ichiman died young, when the Hôjô clan destroyed the Hiki clan.

In 1203, Yoshikazu fell ill, and passed on to Ichiman the responsibilities of serving as both jitô and shugo of the 28 provinces of the Kantô. However, the post of jitô of the 38 provinces of Kansai was given to Minamoto no Sanetomo, who was backed by the Hôjô clan. Battle broke out between Hiki Yoshikazu and Hôjô Tokimasa, and Yoshikazu was killed in Tokimasa's mansion. The Hôjô forces closed in on the Hiki mansion, and burned it down; young Ichiman and his mother Wakasa no tsubone died along with many other members of the clan.

The temple Myôhon-ji was built on the site of the Hiki mansion. A mound dedicated to Ichiman is located at the temple, along with a hall dedicated to his mother, and a grave yagura for the Hiki clan.