Matsuyama castle (Bitchu)

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  • Japanese:備中松山城 (Bitchuu Matsuyama Jou)
  • Type:Mountain
  • Founder:Akiba Shigenobu
  • Year:1240
  • Location: Bitchu province

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle is well know as being the highest altitude castle in Japan at 480 meters. This was viewed as a strategic location was also viewed as valuable territory for a castle. Akiba Shigenobu built the first castle on a nearby mountain in 1240. In 1331 Takahashi Muneyasu built the first Matsuyama Castle on this site. The donjon and yagura that can be seen today were built by Mizunoya in 1683. This was one of very few 2 level donjon, but being on top of the mountain, there was little need to build a high vantage point. After the Mizunoya there were several different lords until Itakura Katsuyoshi in 1744. His descendents continued to rule until the Meiji restoration.