Matsudaira Tadaaki

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Matsudaira Tadaaki was a son of Okudaira Nobumasa and thus a grandson of Tokugawa Ieyasu (through his mother). He was adopted by Ieyasu and given the name Matsudaira and a 50,000 koku fief in Ise province at Kameyama in 1610. He was a notable commander in the Osaka Campaigns and was afterwards given Osaka castle (and a domain in Settsu and Kawachi provinces worth 100,000 koku), the central town of which he set about rebuilding. He was transferred to Kôriyama in Yamato province (worth 120,000 koku) in August 1619 and in 1639 was relocated to Himeji han in Harima province and given a domain worth 180,000 koku.