Matsuda Naoe

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  • Born: 1783/8/3
  • Died: 1854/2/20
  • Titles: Iyo-no-kami, Etchû-no-suke
  • Rank: Senior Lower Fourth Rank
  • Other Names: 直慶 (Chokkei), 直江 (Naoe), 竹松 (childhood name: Takematsu), 松之介 (childhood name: Matsunosuke), 藤園 (Tôen)
  • Japanese: 松田直兄 (Matsuda Naoe)

Matsuda Naoe was a late Edo period poet and kokugaku (Nativism) scholar.

He was the son of Matsuda Tônao, an official at Kamigamo Shrine, and eventually succeeded his father to the same position. He studied poetry under Kamo Suetaka.

His account of a Ryukyuan embassy's riverboat procession, entitled Mitsugi no hachijû sen, is a valuable source for understanding the Ryukyuan missions.