Masaki Toku

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  • Japanese: 正木篤 (Masaki Toku)

Masaki Toku was the author of a number of works on foreign countries, published during the Bakumatsu period.

One of his chief works, published in 1854 and entitled Amerika-shû enkaku sôsetsu Amerika-goku sôki hôshû wage (墨利加州沿革総説美理哥国総記補輯和解), draws heavily upon the writings of Chinese scholar Wei Yuan, and describes American geography, climate, history, production, and so forth. Masaki also produced similar works on England and Macao, entitled respectively Igirisu-koku sôki wage (英利国総記和解) and Makao geppô wage (澳門月報和解). These were also based on Chinese texts.

Masaki's works were a few of a number of works published around that time in Japan, based on the experiences of members of official missions, study abroad, and illegal secret journeys.