Maeda Giken

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  • Born: 1902/1/15
  • Died: 1992/10/31
  • Japanese: 真栄田 義見 (Maeda Giken)

Maeda Giken was a 20th century Okinawan scholar and educator who played a prominent role in the postwar reconstruction of Shuri castle, among other cultural projects.

After years of teaching, he became head of the Culture and Education section of the Ryukyu Government (during the US Occupation) in 1953. In 1961, he became president of Okinawa University, and then in 1964, head of the Cultural Properties Protection Committee (Bunkazai hogo iinkai). In 1989, he was named president of the Shuri Castle Restoration Association (Shurijô fukugen kisei kai).

He died on Oct 31, 1992, three days before the restored Shuri castle was opened to the public.


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