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The Kyûshû tandai were regional officers appointed by the Ashikaga Bakufu to oversee administration of Kyûshû during the 14th and 15th centuries. Unlike the Kanto Kubo to the East, the tandai were chosen for thier martial skill and leadership ability above thier lineage or clan affiliation.

Kyûshû Regional Officers

1336 to 1500
  1. Isshiki Noriuji In Kyûshû 1336-1355
  2. Isshiki Naouji In Kyûshû 1346-1356
  3. Ashikaga Tadafuyu In Kyûshû 1349-1352
  4. Shiba Ujitsune Commissioned to Kyûshû 1360
  5. Imagawa Ryôshun In Kyûshû 1371 to 1395
  6. Shibukawa Mitsuyori In Kyûshû 1396 to 1418?
  7. Shibukawa Yoshitoshi In Kyûshû 1418-1428
  8. Shibukawa Mitsunao In Kyûshû 1428-1434
  9. Shibukawa Norinao In Kyûshû 1434-1479
  10. Shibukawa Manjûmaru In Kyûshû ??
  11. Shibukawa Toneômaru Appointed to Kyûshû in 1500


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