Konoe Hiroko

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  • Born: 1666/3/26
  • Other Names: 天英院 (Ten'ei-in)
  • Japanese: 近衛熙子 (Konoe Hiroko)

Konoe Hiroko was the midaidokoro (principal wife) of Shogun Tokugawa Ienobu, and daughter of Konoe Motohiro and Shinanomiya Tsuneko. She had two brothers, Konoe Iehiro and Nobuna.

The shogunate proposed Hiroko's marriage to Tokugawa Tsunatoyo on 1679/6/26, and they were married soon afterward, with Hiroko traveling to Edo with only a few companions, a nurse, and a few hundred guards (but without her parents), as was the custom.[1]

Her first two children died in infancy, one a girl born in 1681 who lived for only two months, and the other a boy, born in 1698, who lived only a few hours.[2]


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