Kinoshita Katsutoshi

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  • Birth: 1569
  • Death: 1649
  • Other names: Hashiba Katsutoshi, Chôshôshi
  • Distinction: Toyotomi retainer
  • Japanese: 木下 勝俊 (Kinoshita Katsutoshi)

Katsutoshi was the eldest son of Kinoshita Iesada and a nephew of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He was given Obama in Wakasa province in 1594, worth some 80,000 koku. During the Sekigahara Campaign (1600) he supported Ishida Mitsunari and was dispossessed after the latter's defeat. He retired to Kyoto with the name Chôshôshi and produced a number of books relating to waka (31 syllable poetry).