Kin Ogen

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  • Japanese/Chinese: 應元 (Kin Ougen / Jīn Yīngyuán)

Kin Ôgen was a Ryukyuan scholar-bureaucrat, known for his mission to China in 1644 to announce the death of King Shô Hô, and to request investiture for Shô Hô's successor, King Shô Ken.

Kin arrived in China just as the Ming Dynasty was falling. The Prince of Fu had set himself up in Nanjing as the Hongguang Emperor, and received Kin. Informed of Huanggong's recent accession to the throne, Ryûkyû then sent another envoy, Mô Daiyô, as leader of a congratulatory (qinghe) mission. Kin remained in China until 1646, when he returned home to Ryûkyû.


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