Karasumori Shrine

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  • Japanese: 烏森神社 (karasumori jinja)

Karasumori Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Tokyo.

The chief deities enshrined at Karasumori are Ugamitama no mikoto, Ame no Uzume no mikoto, and Ninigi no mikoto. People pray at Karasumori for commercial success, skill in the arts, and safety and peace within the household, among other things.

The shrine traces its origins to 940, when in the aftermath of the rebellion of Taira no Masakado, during an effort to exterminate centipedes (or rebels), chinju shôgun Fujiwara no Hidesato reportedly saw a white fox get struck by a white-feathered arrow, while praying there for success in battle. Taking the arrow and finding victory in battle, he then dreamed of a flock of divine crows. Traveling to the site he saw in his dream, Hidesato established a shrine there, and this marks the legendary origin of Karasumori Shrine.


  • Signs on-site.[1]