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Kanagawa-juku as depicted in Hiroshige's ukiyo-e series "The 53 Stations of the Tokaido."
  • Japanese: 神奈川宿 (Kanagawa-juku)

Kanagawa-juku was one of the 53 stations along the Tôkaidô, early modern Japan's main thoroughfare.

Though Kanagawa was originally stipulated in the Harris Treaty and the other treaties of 1858 as a treaty port, Ii Naosuke was able to implement a violation of these agreements, to open Yokohama as the treaty port instead.[1]

In the Meiji period, Kanagawa train station (Kanagawa-eki) was built in the area, on reclaimed land. The station operated from 1872 until 1928, when it was replaced with Yokohama Station, a short distance away.

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