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  • Other names: Ihaki

Iwaki, as a province, was created in 718 A.D.

Funke, in Hitachi no Kuni Fudoki (Monumenta Nipponica), notes that the Hitachi fudoki lists Iwaki as a "district" in Michinoku province at some point in time before or after its short spell as a bonified "province". Funke further notes that it was "abolished...sometime between 720-728 A.D."

When it was a part of Michinoku province, which was located directly above Hitachi province, and therefore called "Iwaki District", it was directly above Hitachi's Taka District.

Please see this Map of premodern Japanese provinces in order to picture the above. Hitachi province is number 6, with Michinoku province directly above it. Of course, the latter is not mentioned on the map, as it is too late for this period in question.

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